Why decking makes the perfect partner for your Garden Room

Decking and Garden Rooms

The best garden ideas are those that really help you make the most of your outdoor area. When considering a Garden Room, you should be thinking about how best to use it.

For example, if you are looking to use it as a place to work or relax, then the addition of an outdoor decking space can provide a stylish element to your garden.

Regardless of the size of your space, a well thought out decking provides both an attractive and practical aspect to your Garden.

In today’s blog we take a look at how the right decking can make a real difference to your Garden Room.

Garden Room and extreme temperatures

Traditional Timber or Modern Composite Decking.

Whilst composite decking often costs more than traditional wood. They make lack the natural look and colour you are going for. However, composite materials can offer greater durability and less maintenance vs their natural counterparts.

Consider your garden room first. If you’re choosing cedar for a more natural look, then you might want to consider traditional wood. However, if James Hardie Cladding is your preferred choice, then you might want to consider a composite deck.

Create a variety of levels.

When designing your garden, it is important that you add interest to avoid the deck looking to plain. Decking can provide a simple and easy way to build up layers in your garden.

Furthermore, Garden steps can offer a great solution, especially if your garden is on a sloped plot. Finally, decking provides a lightweight option for creating transitions between spaces within your garden.

Federation of Master Builders Award winning garden room

Install Lighting for a welcoming deck.

Incorporating lighting to your decking can really help to bring your garden to life. In addition, it also offers practicality by highlighting paths through your garden or changing the feel of it during the evening.
By adding lighting you will make it look more inviting and super stylish, no matter if you go for traditional timber or composite. There are many types of lights you can use and each can have a different impact on your garden.

Incorporate planting

When using decking areas, it is important to impact the senses. This can be achieved by increasing the colour and scent of your decking. Consider building in planters that you can use for flower or foliage. In addition, you could create a herb garden providing you with years long fresh herbs in which to flavour your food.

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