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What is a garden room?

Over recent years, garden rooms have become increasingly popular as a facile and effective way of adding space to a home. So what exactly is a garden room? Why is it different from a house extension, or a conservatory or a summerhouse? What are the benefits of a garden room? Well, at Oakston Solutions we have extensive experience of designing garden rooms.

These garden outbuildings can be functional in use, often being utilised as a workplace such as a garden office, studio or salon. Conversely, they can provide a space for recreation, such as a lounge or spa. In fact, there are countless potential uses for garden rooms including, offices, studios, gyms, pool houses, playrooms, games rooms, dens, home cinemas.

Why choose a Garden Room?

A garden room is different than an extension to your home. A garden room however is an element of your garden; you can enjoy being outside whilst spending time inside a functional and contemporary environment. Just being able to walk down the garden path to access your beautiful garden room is an enjoyable way to reach your building. The inescapable prevalence of curves, spirals, twists and turns of the trees and vegetation in your garden is a beauty of nature.   Natural form is complimentary and a garden room should of course work within the laws of nature to sit sympathetically within this scene.

Is a garden room cost effective?

As recently as April 2020, nearly half of the UK’s population were working from home. Despite some return to normal life, this figure remains high. Compared with the average cost of commuting from the surrounding areas of Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire forever increasing, a room from which to work at home can save you significant costs in the long run as well as adding value to your home. In addition, you can rest assured that our rooms are built to last. When buying a garden room from Oakstons you can be assured that we work with sawmills and timber suppliers who are committed to sustainable ethics and clearly display that their timber is FSC and PEFC certified.

How do i get started?

Our garden rooms are designed by you. The flexibility of a garden room means you can build it around any type of garden big or small. This allows you complete creative control of the process. To arrange a simple no obligation quote, email ross@oakstons.co.uk or click here and fill out our online form.

Oakston Solutions design, manufacture and install high quality garden room in and around Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire.