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You now have the most beautiful bespoke Garden Room, built perfectly to your specification, but now comes the real challenge. What do you fill it with? Today’s blog looks at some ideas to help you get started.

You now have your dream garden room. But what to do next?

What is the purpose?

Firstly, before you commission your garden room you will most likely have a purpose. Whether is be a home gym, home office or additional living space will likely shape your decisions on the additional furnishings.

Consider your lighting.

Whilst it might be a design cliche. Good lighting truly is everything in a Garden Room. Firstly, look at how much natural light you get in. Think where the sun rises and sets, and the sort of lighting you are going to get when you are most likely to use the space. Consider your ceiling height when thinking about the most appropriate lighting. Furthermore, don’t just think lights should shine down, up lighting can be an excellent aesthetic way to light your room, whilst using lights instead of wall art can be another decorative way to light things up.

Think about space.

It is quite easy to get over excited about accessories for your garden room. Filling the space with tables, chairs, benches, planting, and much more can give you a real sense of fulfillment. However, you might want to opt for just a couple of pieces of statement furniture with materials that match the exterior. You should also extend you uncluttered look out the front to either your patio or decking. In addition, you might want to look for innovative technology solutions that can simply be hidden away.

Finally, add a little touch of you.

Remember after all that this is your Garden Room. So make sure to add a little touch of yourself. The biggest single tip is to avoid trying to recreate what you have seen on Instagram or Pintrest. Concentrate on options that compliment your personal taste and express your personality.

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