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Why you might need a garden office in the future?

Garden Office

Many workers in the UK suggest that they will continue to work from home following the lock down, whilst 3 out of 5 people suggest they will be working at home more frequently than they did pre covid-19.

Despite the government easing restrictions many still hold reservations about commuting,

Create a beautiful bespoke garden office. 

The surge in popularity of home working could also have a wider impact on how and where people live. Around one in five 18-34 year olds say they would move to a different area if they could work from home more. This is especially true in London, where one quarter of all respondents in the city said they would move elsewhere, more than double the national average (12%). Over half of respondents say they would be able to save money by working from home more often, and 40% would exercise more. However, if moving doesn’t appeal to you, another way to improve your work life balance at home is through the creation of a beautiful bespoke garden office.

Say goodbye to commutes.

On average, commuters spend 2 hours per day travelling. Countless delays and traffic jams are only a couple of the commuters’ daily woes. With a garden office, you could basically roll out of bed and into work!

Ensure work life balance.

Whilst working from home in the comfort of a home office or even your living room, giving yourself a private space away from distractions can be much better to maintain a work life balance. Furthermore, working separate from your home can improve your productivity.

Fill it with a little bit of you.

Your space means your rules. No more staring at a screen in poor artificial light. No more sitting between the same three walls. A bespoke garden room means you can awash yourself with natural light all whilst being able to step straight out into nature to help alleviate stress.

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