Oakston Solutions | Blog | Look after your artificial grass this summer

Artificial grass

With summer hotting up, it is important to understand the your artificial grass may heat up quicker than natural turf, as well as maintaining an overall higher temperature. 

As with decking and patio’s when the temperature rises, artificial turf  does not benefit from the natural cooling effect you may have experienced with natural turf. However, understanding this will ensure that you can still enjoy your artificial lawn this summer.

Hose it down

Even if the paddling pool or sprinkler hose comes out for those fun to do water sports you play at home. The drainage on your artificial grass is more often than not better than natural grass. Furthermore, your artificial grass is at less risk of becoming an soggy wet mud patch than your natural lawn. A little water on your artificial lawn will also help to cool it down a little. Meaning little legs and paws can still enjoy the space even during these hot summer months.

You can still enjoy your BBQ

Most high quality turf is unlikely to flame up like wood, but it could potentially melt if hot coals land on it. Therefore keep your BBQ to a patio area if possible, although if it was to happen repairing the artificial turf is an option.

A little wash and brush

During the busier summer months it is likely that your turf will experience more footfall, more food spills and is generally at higher risk of damage. However, don’t be concerned with your kids and pets using your turf more often. A little wash wish warm soapy water and a stiff brush will give you the re-fluff you need.

Allow it time to cool.

Finally, artificial grass will cool quickly when the sun subsides, so you can continue to enjoy your grass into the early evening no matter what the weather.

Oakston Solutions undertake all manner of landscaping, including the supply and installation of artificial grass. Our range includes 28mm-40mm plie height and comes with at least a 5 year guarantee, but a 10 year guarantee in most cases. To find out more about your garden transformation this summer click here.