Let there be light | Choosing the windows and doors for your Garden Room

Choosing the right windows and doors for your Garden Office.

Working with a bespoke manufacturer of Garden Rooms like Oakstons provides you with the flexibility to select the right fittings you need to create your dream room. Choosing the right door and window styles can help your room stand out visually as well as create the internal mood you might be looking for. Today we discuss some of the different types of windows and doors available, and what they mean for your garden room.

Garden Room Door Styles.

A door can become an incredible feature for your garden office. For example, sliding doors offer both style and practicality. They include two large door panes that slide in front of each other to create a wide access point. If you are looking for an uninterrupted view of your garden these doors are perfect. Consequently, sliding doors benefit from letting is huge amount of light. This is particularly great if your garden room is situated in a covered area.

Bi-fold doors are both a popular and stylish choice for your garden office. A standard three-door bi-fold allows you to create a seamless integration between your garden studio and the outdoor space.

One important consideration you must make with bi-fold doors is the depth of your patio or decking area. As the doors require at least 1m of space to open out, they may they may not be suitable for smaller gardens.

Classic French doors are a timeless style that fit into almost any garden room design. These doors make a convenient entrance and exit as they open on both sides to create a larger space.

Whichever doors you choose, you should ensure it is not just seen as an entrance or exit. It should be seen as a feature which helps give your garden office its character.

Window styles.

Due to the bespoke design of our rooms, building in additional windows to your garden room is available. You could opt for vertical floor-to-ceiling windows that provide an enormous amount of light, or create a panoramic corner feature. Alternatively, you could consider some smaller windows which provide additional light and ventilation.

Including additional windows in your garden room can depend on the size of your room. Larger rooms may require additional windows to allow enough to light to enter the room. On the other hand, smaller rooms may not require additional windows at all.

Ultimately, the windows you choose is up to you. You could consider casement windows, french windows, bay windows or even skylights. Each style provides a unique feature to your garden room.

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