Garden Rooms | Pitched roofs vs Pent roofs

Pitched roofs vs pent roofs

What is the difference between a pitched roof and a pent roof? And how are you supposed to know which one is right for your garden room?

In today’s article we will discuss the differences and what that means for the look, space and usability of your garden room.

Firstly, the term pitched and pent specifically refers to the roofing style of the garden room. You may also see pitched referred to as apex whilst pent are also known as flat roofed.

Pitched Roofs

Pitched roofs have come to be described as a roof covering with two sloping sides that meet at an apex point in the middle. These types of rooms are sloped on a much steeper gradient and as such they tend to drain quickly. This can be a benefit if you live in an area with high regular rainfall. In addition, they can offer much better headroom which can be beneficial for storage purposes.

However, pitched roofs can often by more irregular and as such it is not always easy to slot them in between tree’s and other growth. The added height also means you may experience challenges with building regulation to be sure to check with planning.

Finally, the look and feel can be quite traditional with the sloping roof matching that of the property.

At Oakston Solutions we offer a bespoke service meaning we can work with you to fit the right type of roof suitable to your personal tastes and the space you have available. In addition, purchases of any current buildings (between May 2022 and June 2022) will come with an annual maintenance agreement delivered by our friends at The Outdoor Maintenance Company. 

Pent Roofs

Pent sheds are seen as being a more modern design option. Sometimes known as flat roofs they only have one small slope. Although this style of roof can be viewed as a more contemporary option. Depending on the finish of your garden room it can also be quite traditional. This could fit well if you have a more traditional and rustic garden.

Even though pent (flat) roofs have slower drainage this is unlikely to cause any issue. As part of your annual maintenance you may expect to see a higher build up of moss and algae depending on where you room is situated.

Generally, pent rooms, while attractive, stick out less in their environment, which can be a good thing! The pent roof won’t intrude on any overhanging bushes or leaves. This will allow the building will slot into the corner of your garden without any issues. Great for smaller garden spaces.

Bespoke Garden Rooms suitable for any space

Whether pitched roof or pent roof, Oakston Solutions offer a fully bespoke service to bring you the garden room of your dreams. To discuss your next garden room project, email [email protected] or call us on 01252 560965.