Five uses for a Garden Shed

Five great uses for a Garden Shed

If you’re a keen gardener or not, at some point you will probably consider buying a garden shed. Sheds have become a feature of many gardens and are available in many bespoke designs that are perfect no matter what your garden style. They are often simple to construct and come hand-in-hand with a number of benefits. To find out more about getting a custom built shed from oakston solutions click here.

There are many reasons to get one. Whether you go for an apex shed or pent shed, each can be put to good use depending on your needs. Therefore, today we are going to look at 5 great uses for your garden shed.

Tool storage

If you are looking for somewhere to store your tools neatly in one place, a garden tool store will ensure you items remain protected whilst also keeping your garden clutter-free.

Tool storage sheds can be a variety of sizes. If you are looking for store large items such as jetwash or lawnmowers then consider adding some depth to your shed. However, if you are just looking to store handheld tools, then a smaller shed might provide a better solution.

To get the most out of your shed, consider adding open shelving or pegboards. These provide great storage solutions and will help keep your shed neat and tidy.

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Inventor hut

Whilst we are on the subject of tools. A garden shed can be a great place for hobbies. In order to create a great workshop within your shed you should install proper electricity and lighting and ensure you have a place for an appropriate work surface.

In addition, you should have a level floor and insulate your shed where possible. Ideally you will need at least 12ft x 18ft to create enough space to work. Finally, as per above, keep tools at easily accessible heights so you can reach for what you need without interrupting your work.

Pet Home

If you’re best friend likes to remain outside during the months, consider a shed as a dog kennel. Smaller 8ft x 8ft sheds may be enough depending on the size of your dog. The shed should be large enough to allow seperate sleeping and activity areas and your dog should be able to walk and wag their tail within the walls of the kennel.

You must ensure it shelters from rain, wind and sunlight, and dogs should be able to move around into the shade if needed. Finally, consider the temperature and ventilation to make sure your pal feels comfortable come rain or shine.

Outdoor bar

If entertaining is your thing, then creating a stylish outdoor bar to complement your patio offers a unique solutions for any garden shed. This can be a great place to store your alcohol and can ensure when entertaining in the garden you have easy access to everything you need for your party.

Play house

Sheds make a great area for kids to play, and they can all be easily adapted to suit your kids current tastes. Using a shed as a playhouse also provides opportunity for storage space during the winter months when kids are less likely to be outside.  Alternatively, if your children have a lot of toys cluttering up your home locking them away in the shed provided more space in the house.

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