Five things to do in your Garden this summer

Five things to do in your Garden this summer.

With summer holidays just around the corner, many of us will be jetting off abroad. However, with great weather on the way, your garden can become a great place to relax and unwind. Therefore, in today’s blog we discuss five things you should do in your garden this summer.

Outdoor cinema

Going to an open-air movie is quite popular in the summer, so why not create you own at home. There is nothing quite like arranging an outdoor cinema experience with friends. During August as the sun begins to set a little bit earlier, the dusk night sky should be the perfect lighting for your cinema.

Firstly, find the right location in your garden. Ideally, you need an area sheltered from the wind. You will an area where you can easily hook up power, and a flat surface to hang your make-shift cinema screen.

Once you have your set up complete, you will want to make sure your guests are cozy, so consider some blankets to lay on the ground. Finally, you will need a projector. When you’re shopping for a projector for your outdoor cinema, you’ll see each one has a lumen measurement. More lumens make it easier to see the projected image in bright conditions. In a garden after dark, we recommend at least 3000 lumens for a movie-theatre experience.

Buy an outdoor inflatable projector screen from Amazon and make the experience truly remarkable. 

Plant a herb garden

Second on our list of five things to do in your Garden, is to plant a herb garden.

Over summer, herbs that will do well include: basil, mint, rosemary, thyme, oregano, chives, parsley, rosemary, coriander, dill, chervil, rocket and borage.

You can grow your own herbs from either seeds, ready-grown plants or from cut herbs from the supermarket. Most herbs will grow well in sheltered, sunny spots. However, some will grow happily in shade. If you plant them near seating areas, the aroma’s can be enjoyed whilst you relax.

Most culinary herbs need a well-drained soil to thrive. If you have heavy clay, you will need to lighten the soil. Dig in some well-rotted compost if you’re growing annual herbs, and add horticultural grit in areas where you want to grow Mediterranean herbs.

Check out Marshalls Garden for more about buying and growing herbs.

Build a bug hotel

Now this one might not be for the faint hearted, but it is great for those with kids.

Firstly, find some level ground to build your bug hotel on. Pallets are a great way to begin as they lay flat and allow you lots of space in between the wood for you to put other things. Place in bricks with holes, pieces of slate and old bark or logs with drilled holes. You could also add layers further up including pinecones, bamboo canes, and straw.

Finally, sit back and relax and watch these bugs arrive at your door. You might expect to see not just ladybirds, beetles, woodlice and bees, but small animals too like hedgehogs and toads.

You can find full instructions here.

Have a slip and slide party.

Don’t have a pool, well a slip and slide could be the next best thing. They are easy to set up and take down and are great for all ages.

To start you need a large flat surface and somewhere to safely land at the end. The force with which your participants will be propelling themselves makes concrete driveways and patio’s quite dangerous. Next you will need a large plastic sheet. Avoid using black sheets in summer as these will retain the heat. Finally, ensure you keep the water flowing. If you have an old piece of hose, you can always poke holes in it all the way down the runway. That way you get a steady supply of water all the way down.

Camp outdoors.

Finally, on our list, is to camp outdoors. Camping in your back garden means you can sleep under the stars without the worry of packing a car full of camping gear and driving to the great outdoors. Now, we all know that it’s not quite the same, however, it can still be a great experience.

If you like a bit more comfort, then pitch a cosy tent. However, if you prefer to sleep under the stars, then go for it. There are lots of different constellations to spot, so why not download yourself a map like the one here, and see how many you can find.

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