Creating the perfect Garden Room home office | What you should consider

The Perfect Garden Office Set up: What You Need to Know.

Remote working has increased since the pandemic with economics observatory reporting as many as 29% of UK workers now regularly working at home. However, with few people truly set up to work comfortably from home, the installation of a home office can be a blessing to those looking for a unique space in which to work from. In today’s blog, we explore what you need to do to create the ultimate home office within your garden.

The Egg Box Sofa and Desk

Choose the right location

The location of your home office is important for two reasons. Firstly, if you have visitors you want to make sure it is easily accessible and secondly, you want to ensure you get the right amount of natural light. In addition, you may want to ensure it is situated away from the house as to not be disturbed when the kids come home from school or the amazon delivery driver turns up again.

You should also consider that you will be working in your home office all year round. Whilst all Oakston Garden rooms have insultation as standard, you could also look to include air conditioning unit to allow you to work comfortably all day. In addition, consider a good amount of windows and bi-folding doors to allow natural air to circulate. You may also want to include a toilet and sink to ensure you don’t have to keep coming into the house.

The right tech stack

Firstly, it is important to ensure your space as electricity and the internet. If you want to enjoy the convenience of smart tech in your home office, it won’t be possible without electricity. You should also consider a local router to avoid any internet drop outs when trying to connect to the house.

You might want to consider some artificial intelligence. Something like Google’s Home Max or Apple’s HomePod might add a different dimension to you garden room. By choosing to install an AI assistant or smart home manager they can help you manage your garden room tech via one system.

Office Pod

Energy Efficient Lighting

Finally, all home offices should benefit from being more efficient with energy and lighting. By installing smart heating and lighting you can use your smart tech to control it. This will help keep you from heating the space when it is not in use.

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