Oakston Solutions Blog | Camberley Garden Transformation

Posted by roscoe on  November 18, 2020

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Garden Transformation Sometimes a little creative vision can be invaluable if you want to make big changes to your garden. If you’re faced with a flat, rectangular patch, you might be surprised at how radically different it could look with a little imagination. Check out the before and after photos of some of this dramatic garden transformation completed by Oakston Solutions. Faced with an unkept mound of soil, the Oakston Solutions team were on hand

Oakston Solutions | Throwback | C.H Makeup

Posted by roscoe on  October 9, 2020

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Creating your own functional work from home space. Having a comfortable and functional work space is a necessity when working from home. Today Oakston Solutions take a look at the things you should consider when moving your business to home. Create a separate space for your work life. Work and life are all about balance. Take our client Claire, Last year she commissioned an Oakstons garden room to be designed and installed at her

Oakston Solutions | Blog | What is a garden room?

Posted by roscoe on  September 3, 2020

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What is a garden room? Over recent years, garden rooms have become increasingly popular as a facile and effective way of adding space to a home. So what exactly is a garden room? Why is it different from a house extension, or a conservatory or a summerhouse? What are the benefits of a garden room? Well, at Oakston Solutions we have extensive experience of designing garden rooms. These garden outbuildings can be functional in use,
Garden Office
Why you might need a garden office in the future? Many workers in the UK suggest that they will continue to work from home following the lock down, whilst 3 out of 5 people suggest they will be working at home more frequently than they did pre covid-19. Despite the government easing restrictions many still hold reservations about commuting, Create a beautiful bespoke garden office.  The surge in popularity of home working could also have
Artificial grass
With summer hotting up, it is important to understand the your artificial grass may heat up quicker than natural turf, as well as maintaining an overall higher temperature.  As with decking and patio’s when the temperature rises, artificial turf  does not benefit from the natural cooling effect you may have experienced with natural turf. However, understanding this will ensure that you can still enjoy your artificial lawn this summer. Hose it down Even if the
You now have the most beautiful bespoke Garden Room, built perfectly to your specification, but now comes the real challenge. What do you fill it with? Today’s blog looks at some ideas to help you get started. You now have your dream garden room. But what to do next? What is the purpose? Firstly, before you commission your garden room you will most likely have a purpose. Whether is be a home gym, home office
Cedar Garden Room
Top 10 uses for a Garden Room Last year Oakston Solutions were delighted to work with many customers on installing their dream garden rooms. With this in mind we thought we would let you know about the top 10 uses that we came across during 2018 that you might have not considered. Garden rooms for fun Cinema Rooms are a great addition to any family home, and are one of the first reasons why our

Timber outbuilding are a fantastic traditional option for any garden.

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