Benefits of electrical underfloor heating for Garden Rooms

The benefits of underfloor heating for your Garden Room.

It has been shown that underfloor heating is more efficient than conventional radiators. Due to this, energy bills can be vastly reduced. In addition, your insulated garden room will retain heat for longer periods of time.

In addition, running costs of underfloor heating systems are reduced if your room is well insulated. Here at Oakston Solutions we provide fully insulated garden rooms, which provide better energy savings in the long term. Also, once installed, the systems require almost no maintenance.

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Great for comfort.

Garden rooms with underfloor heating are great all year round. For example, a garden room used as a pool house may provide a warm feeling for little toes running in and out, whilst in the winter, a consistent temperature profile in the room can create a feeling of comfort and warmth.

Furthermore, due to the flooring covering all parts of the room, the heating system will maintain a balance, meaning one side of the room won’t feel cooler than the other.

Creating space and compatible.

Underfloor heating systems and compatible with majority of Garden Room flooring systems. Engineered wood is one of the common floor surface in our rooms and will retain heat for much longer than carpets. In addition, the underfloor system means that you won’t need to take up space with wall based radiators.

In summary

Underfloor heating is an easy and efficient way to heat your garden room. This comes at standard in all Oakston garden rooms. As this type of heating provides substantial savings on your energy bills, it is definitely advantageous in the long run.

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